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Most recently I spoke for DataCamp giving an Overview of Churn Strategy and Pitfalls For Data Science Professionals. I also spoke a bit about my new job at OfferFit

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SaaStr Scale Teaser

This next teaser video is courtesy of SaaStr Scale – it was made to promote the Fighting Churn With Data session (see below for the full session video!)

SaaStr Scale Session on YouTube

Originally on December 9th, 2020. Probably the best video of my non-technical churn fighting tips yet (the source of the hype video!)

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Churn Live Streaming on Twitch

I am now streaming regularly on Twitch, teaching the techniques from my book and listening to electronic music. Check out this recent video…

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Churn Video On Demand (VOD) on YouTube

You can also check out a library of my past live streams on YouTube! The videos are organized by chapter and cover the entire book, plus some bonus material that was not available when the book was published…

Zuora Subscribed On-line Churn Session Video

Subscribed Online brought together leaders from the Subscription Economy community to share winning strategies and practical guidance to grow your subscription business.

On January 15th 2020 I presented a non-technical summary of the topics in my book at Zuora’s Subscribed On-Line conference. So this version of the talk is meant for business managers, not really for data scientists.

The conference was great and there are many other great sessions to check out, all about building and running the world’s best subscription businesses!

Data Council of SF

The video of my churn talk at Data Council SF Talk is on YouTube! This was a data engineering conference so it is more technical.

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Data Council is the first community-powered data-platforms, science, & analytics event for software engineers, data scientists, deep learning researchers, and technical founders

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