Podcasts are one of the most time efficient ways to learn these days, and fortunately there are many great podcasts about churn. Not surprisingly, most of the podcasts I am invited to are either themed around:

  • Data Science
  • Running a Subscription Business

In the past few years I was fortunate enough to speak on these great podcasts about churn, dat science, and the subscription economy:


StrikeDeck Radio – Hosted by Kristen Hayer. Kristen and I discussed churn and data from a Customer Success managers point of view. Strikedeck Radio is a partnership between Medallia Strikedeck and The Success League. Since 2015, the Success League has helped hundreds of companies reduce churn, drive expansion revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Datacast – A series by James Le that follows the narrative journey of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and academic researchers to unfold their original stories and unpack their career lessons. James and I discussed  Computational Neuroscience, Quantitative Finance, and Churn Prediction.

The Artists of Data Science – Harpreet Sahota is a thought leader in the Data Science community, working with leadership to define and execute strategies that demonstrate the value of the data generated by our business while maintaining a rigorous set of principles to guide my practice. We had a great conversation!

Bits About BooksHosted By Subhanjan Sarkar books on Sales, Marketing, SAAS and Startups. 


Profitable Python Podcast – Hosted by Ben McNeil whose show is devoted to Python developers who want to meet amazing humans and take their skills to the next level.

Impact Pricing Podcast – Mark Striver is the expert of pricing Value Based and Subscription businesses, and I joined him to add my perspective on churn

Churn.FM – The podcast by Andrew Michael for subscription economy pros to learn how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention to fuel their growth.

Member Mouse – – Matt Brown from Member Mouse (The WordPress plugin) interviewed me on top tips for reducing churn

Adversarial Learning – talk about data, science, data science, Shingy, and whatever else they feel like – with data scientists Joel Grus and Andrew Musselman.

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