Podcasts are one of the most time efficient ways to learn these days, and fortunately there are many great podcasts about churn. Not surprisingly, most of the podcasts I am invited to are either themed around:

  • Data Science
  • Running a Subscription Business

In the recent past I was fortunate enough to speak on these great podcasts about churn:

Profitable Python Podcast – I spoke to Ben McNeil whose show is devoted to Python developers who want to meet amazing humans and take their skills to the next level. Because his Podcasts features the ways Python can be put to by entrepreneurs, so reducing churn with my open source Python repo was a hot topic!

Impact Pricing Podcast – Mark Striver is the expert of pricing Value Based and Subscription businesses, and I joined him to add my perspective on churn

Churn.FM – The podcast for subscription economy pros to learn how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention to fuel their growth. – Andrew Michael started Churn.FM podcast with goal of helping SaaS companies reduce churn. Andrew and I had a great conversation at the end of last year.

Member Mouse – – Matt Brown from Member Mouse (The WordPress plugin) interviewed me on top tips for reducing churn

Adversarial Learning – talk about data, science, data science, Shingy, and whatever else they feel like – I spent an hour chatting with those adversarial data scientists Joel Grus and Andrew Musselman from up in the in the Pacific Northwest! We talked about churn, data science, how they are the same, how they are different, and of course random stuff because thats how their podcast usually goes.

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