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Open source code about churn

Check out the #1 open source code resource for churn!

What it is

This is the best free code library out there for fighting churn in real product and services! Much, much more than just a benchmark dataset or a script to calculate the churn rate! This open source repository includes tools to completely revolutionize the way you think about your customers, your product, why your customers churn and most importantly what you can do to REDUCE CHURN.

And best of all, it is all completely free! You do not need to buy any software or subscribe to any service to reduce your churn! There is a book available for purchase that provides detailed explanation of all the code, but that is a small price compared to the benefit of getting your churn under control. (And if buying a book is really not for you, read my blog posts to learn more...)

What’s included

The code is organized into chapters that take you through all the steps to create a data driven churn reduction program.

  1. Measuring the version of the churn rate thats right for your product
  2. Calculating metrics to understand user behavior
  3. Creating analytic datasets from your raw data
  4. Understanding what product features and user behaviors predict user engagement
  5. Segmenting your users for effective interventions

Code is all for:

  • PostrgresSQL
  • Python 3

And all platform independent!