How To Observe Churn

The scenario in this blog post assumes you have already created some behavioral metrics (as described in User Metrics 101) and calculated some kind of churn rate measurement (How to Calculate Churn With SQL.)  This post describes a preparation step for the churn analysis: You are going to collect together observations of customer metrics at […]

How to stop churn with data science

How to stop churn with data science The answer will surprise you.  Over the last few years I have analyzed churn at more than 50 companies, in my roles as Chief Data Scientist at Zuora*.   What I have found is that way to stop churn with data science doesn’t involve using the latest AI technology… […]

Top 3 Lessons from Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index

Top 3 Lessons from Zuora’s new update to the Subscription Economy Index which I created: 1.  Subscription companies are Killing It. Subscription sales expanded at a record 24% for the year ending in March.   In comparison, traditional economy sales growing in the low single digits. 2.  But the laws of physics still apply. In Q2 […]