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The Author, Carl Gold

Hi, my name is Carl Gold, and I am the author of Fighting Churn WIth Data.

Currently I am the Director of Data Science at Migo Money, Inc. Migo is an embedded lending platform that builds proprietary ML algorithms to assess credit risk using data. Migo expands economic access by enabling credit for populations ignored by traditional credit bureaus, in many cases providing life-changing opportunities to lower-income customers. Headquartered in San Francisco, Migo currently operates in Nigeria and Brazil. Although a financial product and not a subscription, Migo is just as concerned about churn as everyone else! The fact is that nowadays churn is a probably for every company that wants recurring revenue… Which is every company!

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Migo – Credit For Everyone

Becoming The Author of Fighting Churn With Data

When I wrote Fighting Churn With Data, I was the Chief Data Scientist at Zuora, Inc. (NYSE: ZUO).   Zuora is a comprehensive subscription management platform. Now Zuora is public Silicon Valley “unicorn” with more than 1,000 customers worldwide.  Zuora’s clients come from a wide range of industries, including software (software as a service, or SaaS), media, travel services, consumer packaged goods, cloud services, internet of things (IoT) and telecommunications.  What all these companies have in common is that they sell their products as subscription services, and manage their accounts, subscriptions and billing using Zuora. Zuora is widely recognized as the leader in all things pertaining to Subscriptions and recurring revenue.

Zuora the Subscription Economy Leader
Zuora the Subscription Economy Leader

I joined Zuora in 2015 as Chief Data Scientist and created the predictive analytics system for Zuora’s subscriber analysis product, Zuora Insights.  In this role I have been fortunate to analyze the subscriber churn at a large variety of companies. Over the years I have analyzed the churn of more than 50 companies.

Becoming an author has been opportunity for me to share my experiences fighting churn in hopes that it can help other companies thrive in the Subscription Economy.