• Are you worried about increasing customer churn due to COVID-19 and economic downturn?
  • Got data about your customers but don’t know what to do with it?
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An entire book about customer churn and retention!

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Fighting Churn with Data is the the new book by Carl Gold, PhD. based on his experiences as Chief Data Scientist at Zuora (NYSE: ZUO) using data science techniques to reduce churn in subscription services.

Cover of the book about churn
Fighting Churn With Data Cover

Churn is the bane of subscription products and channels, and Data Scientists and analysts are commonly called to the rescue in helping companies understand what causes subscribers to churn, what is predictive of churn, and what can be done to reduce it.

While examples of churn are available in benchmark data sets, analyzing churn in the real world is fraught with challenges and pitfalls for the novice data scientist or analyst. Churn analysis begins with constructing a data set combining multiple raw data sources, and only ends when the findings of the analysis are communicated to field representatives in a way that allows them to actually reduce churn.

That’s right  – a predictive AI system alone doesn’t cut it when churn is at stake: To reduce churn you need to put your scientist’s hat on, test hypotheses and communicate the result to the non-technical crowd!    But don’t worry: The book and this site will cover every phase of the process, including the most dangerous pitfalls and case studies illustrating common findings.  The information here will allow anyone with only a modest data analysis background to get churn analysis right the first time.

Book about churn
Book about churn